John Boy



This is a commision of John, John had passed away when I was asked to do a painting of him, I used reference photos to try and capture the man, he was a real character, I think I git the man, Below are comments from his son of the painting (thanks to Michael for allowing me the chance to paint such a great  subject


Gordon Clegg thank you! I never could imagine someone capturing the character of my dad. The painting really brings him to life and to be honest I did shed a few tears - like I am now. A painting is such a personal thing but what you have achieved is to bring my hero back and someone who I can talk to (not sure I will get an answer). This is such a great gift I can never thank Kevin Haynes enough.

BTW my dad would have been laughing not believe someone would have painted his picture to be forever immortalised! Thank you again and I hope to pop and see you in person


Pencil Crayons, Inks and Gouache