faber-castell-polychromos-crayon-02 Elliott tasha thumb thumb thumb thumb bulldog s

With credit given to the unknown photographer, image is to show my technique only

Here are of some of my commissions just to give you an idea about the different media and techniques  I use


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Holly and Poppy



Three Border Terriers

Springer Spanial in snow


Generally I would take my own photos of the dog/s over a

few days, usually of the dogs doing what they like to do, Tasha would just sit under the bushes looking elegant and serene. while Holly and Poppy just wanted to swim inthe local river and canals. Tobi and the gorgeous Springer Spanial lived to far away to allow me to take my own photos so I had to work on photos supplied to me by their owners


All the portraits on this page are mixed media, mainly pencil crayons and inks, I find they allow me to get the level of detail I want out of a painting and I know the owner wants in their commission. Tobi, (above) was acommission from a friend who lived in California and loved their old faithful friend, I wondered what to put in the background, I decided to put a suggestion of a stained glass windw and autumn leaves

img435_stitch thumb

Perhaps the most fasinating painting I was commissioned to do was the above oil painting, Penelope had lost her dearly loved father and asked if it would be possible to paint a man holding the hand of a young girl on a lonely beach, walking into a sunset and would it be possible to mix into the paints some of her fathers ashes, I was more than happy to do so and Penelope just loved the painting

These 3 borders wouldn't sit and pose as Ann wanted them to so I had to photograph them individually sat on the top of a weelie bin and then create the desired background around them which I think turned out rather well, Ann loved the finished piece